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NOW INCLUDES a mini strainer! This Okra lemonade is a great way to mask the taste of okra while still consuming its benefits!

The distinct gooey slime produced from okra pods offer men, women, and children a variety of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, Vitamins B and C, fiber, folic acid, and much more.

Okra has been a staple food in many African cuisines for centuries. The wisdom of consuming okra during late stages of pregnancy was passed down from African midwives who were brought to the Americas through the transatlantic slave trade. This knowledge was then handed down to the Black midwives of the American South. It is excellent for vaginal lubrication, naturally inducing labor, and ultimately “slipping baby out.”

As a midwife apprentice, I’ve seen the wonders of women naturally going into labor after drinking it and seeing how slippery babies are born.

Ingredients: Spring water, okra, lemons, limes, sugar, fruit (optional)

Okra Lemonade!

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  • Okra lemonade should be consumed within 3-4days of receiving. Every batch is made to order to maintain freshness and efficiency. You’re welcome to continue adding water to your mason jar for even more product! Just add your own sweetener if desired. Discard contents after the third refill or until vegetables/fruit look old. Refills are not as potent as the original amount.

  • Okra lemonade should be consumed after a woman reaches at least 38weeks gestation to ensure baby is full-term. Naturally inducing labor with okra only works if your body and baby are ready for delivery.

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