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As Salaamu Alaikum!

My name is Dyese (Dye-ee-say) and I am a traditional birth worker. My middle name is Najuma (Nah-juu-mah), which is a Muslim girl's name that means 'Abounding in Joy.'  “Birthing babies-Abounding in Joy" was created to represent my brand, Najuma Birthing because birth work is my calling. My parents saw fit in gifting me with this name and it is with great honor that I represent my family, my religion, and my community.​

As an extension of my brand, I have created Najuma Bakery and Najuma Wraps. Najuma Bakery was inspired by my late great-grandmother, Mrs. Mary Burks whose love for cooking and baking was always felt when I’d go over to her house for Sunday dinners. I have since taken that same love of the craft into my birthing business by providing postpartum meals and lactation cookies for breastfeeding families. It is my wish to see families get in the kitchen and bake together so I created starter baking kits and cookie mix mason jars all from the heart of my kitchen.


Najuma Wraps are handcrafted baby carriers designed for pregnant and postpartum women. Babywearing is also highly encouraged for special bonding time with dads who are open to trying it! This creation came from my fascination with Traditional African American Belly Binding techniques I learned in my training. I wanted to create something to help alleviate the back and breast pain that my moms continue to experience in their second and third trimesters.


Come on this journey with me as we build families through pregnancies, births, baking, and so much more!

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